With gambling growing exponentially around the world we knew we could and should do more to help. As a result, Life beyond the Horizon was born. Come and find out about us. We have a unique environment set in nature where you will receive the love and expert help you need. A residential retreat that empowers individuals to stop gambling, overcome their addiction and go on to live a gambling free life. We believe that gambling doesn’t need to control the rest of your life. Gambling is the problem, not the gambler.
We offer you our understanding, our commitment and our help. 


Life Beyond the Horizon Nuno Leitao

Nuno Leitao

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

I am a psychotherapist and counsellor dedicated to tackling problem gambling. I have been helping compulsive gamblers and their families since 2012. I also work with Breakeven offering my 1:1 counselling services and Gordon Moody, helping with their pre-care and online support. I am proud to have helped thousands of people survive some of the hardest experiences of their lives, and if you are ready to be helped, I will help you too.

Life Beyond the Horizon Karen

Karen Ireland


I met Nuno back in 2017 and was soon sharing in his vision for Life Beyond the Horizon. Because gambling had personally touched me twice, I was very keen to use my various skills to help it take shape. In addition, gamblings destructiveness is my motivation to help those it has affected. I have over 20 years in the hospitality industry so you can be assured of a warm welcome. 


Tony McCord

Horse Trainer and Riding Coach

Tony is a likeable and caring person. His talent and love for horses spans a lifetime of experience. As a result of having to give up being a jockey due to many injuries, Tony is now happy to show others his ‘Joy of Horses’

Goncalo Queiroz

Manager and Meditation Facilitator

Goncalo is an integral part of our team and a great leader. He is approachable and helpful, bringing harmony and direction every day to the organisation. He is beneficial for the smooth running of the team.


Gregus and M&M

Grekus and M&Ms

Equine Therapists

The best therapists have four legs! Empathy, unconditional love and more importantly listening without judgement. Both are gentle and caring animals, with a quietness around them that calms you.

Black Dog facing the horizon


Canine Therapist

Olly fosters trust and builds non-judgemental relationships. Indeed, he can raise your oxytocin levels while encouraging you out of your emotional numbness. A great companion and a best friend to everyone.

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