Tackling Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction is becoming one of the biggest social problems of our time!

Addiction comes in many shapes and sizes. It is not limited to drugs, smoking or drinking to excess. Instead, it can have many different faces like; anorexia, pornography, prescribed pills or painkillers, overeating, shopping beyond your means, workaholism, video games and gambling.

It causes heartbreak and emotional and physical scarring. Breaks up the family and self-destructs the person who is addicted. It causes damage to society as a whole because addiction contributes to crime and the prison population. In addition, it triggers several of our most costly medical epidemics, such as type 2 diabetes, childhood obesity, anxiety and depression.

Addiction cuts across every socioeconomic classification and has no respect for age, gender or race. With gambling on the rise, even if you are not suffering from this addiction, chances are you know and care about someone who does. Unfortunately, it is fast becoming a family disease.

Sadly there is no magic wand for addiction.

When you are caught up in gambling addiction, it is one of the loneliest experiences you can have. Addiction will do whatever it takes to destroy a persons life and even end it!

Throughout my experiences with helping problem gamblers, I have found them to be extraordinary people with remarkable gifts. However, until they recover, these gifts remain hidden. Gambling addiction is a prison with the keys on the inside. That is to say unless they want to be saved and are ready to help themselves, I believe no one can help an addict.

Gambling addiction is a prison with the keys on the inside. That is to say unless they want to be saved and are ready to help themselves, I believe no one can help an addict.
You have the key to unlocking this prison

Even after engaging in recovery, relapses are common and only show how hard it is to stop. However, I do not see relapse as a negative. Alternatively, I see this as a lapse that helps someone see where they don’t want to be.

Recovery from gambling addiction is possible.

Tackling gambling addiction can be a combination of many things, such as counselling, life coaching, meditation, yoga, or even changing your eating habits. Therapy for gambling addiction can be online, one2one, group or residential.

With my thousands of hours of clinical work, I have gained the experience, skills and knowledge to help gamblers, their partners, family members and friends. This has resulted in a very high percentage of positive results from counselling anyone affected by a loved one’s gambling problem. I feel this is mainly due to my empathy for my clients. When I hear and feel their struggles, I can put myself in their socks (not shoes) and breathe their pain. It’s as if they are my own!

Although this aspect for a therapist can be draining, I know it is worth it. Because with a gamblers pain removed, they can breathe and live again.

This is the view from Life Beyond the Horizon Retreat, you can see for miles across the green eucalyptus covered mountains.
The view from Life Beyond the Horizon Retreat.

Life Beyond the Horizon.

I developed Life beyond the Horizon from my desire to help more gamblers. I saw gambling growing exponentially around the world and knew I could and should do more. Our space in Portugal offers residential help for gamblers, affected others and families. In addition, we have developed an online self-help programme of which the first part can be accessed for FREE. 

There is help available. Maybe you are a gambler or have been affected by a loved one’s gambling, please be assured you aren’t alone. Maybe you would like to get in touch, I would welcome that very much.

With Love and Gratitude



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